Beyond Boston

Artwork created at the Children’s Art Centre have been displayed throughout the United States and abroad. Exhibitions have been held in libraries, galleries and exhibit halls including:

  • The Laconia Public Library in New Hampshire
  • The Falmouth Centre Public Library in West Falmouth, Massachusetts
  • Boston’s Symphony Hall
  • USES’s Harriet Tubman Gallery
  • Boston City Hall
  • The Boston Public Library.

Artwork from the Centre has been exhibited in more than 35 countries, including India, Ghana, South Korea, and China. The Children’s Art Centre worked in cooperation with the International Art Program at the Smithsonian Institute to organize some of these international exhibits. In 1947, a traveling exhibit and lecture series from the Children’s Art Centre visited major cities in China. The response to this series was very positive, and it resulted in the following reactions from Chinese university students in Shanghai:

I find the best drawing of all is the ‘Pioneer Day’ which is in very good color and which shows the scene of a sunset sky and a cart hurrying on a journey, although the horse is not very true. His picture shows very high value. ‘Snow in New England’ fully expresses childhood activities.” – Sheng Ming Liang Owing to the difference of study it is hard to give a suitable idea on these drawings: A. ‘Rain in Boston’ shows the rain coming and the color is successfully chosen. B. ‘Pioneer Days’ is very beautiful. I found its beauty when I first caught sight of it. C. ‘Cock Fight,’ ‘Grand Central Station, New York City,’ and ‘On the Way to the Yale-Harvard Game;’ these three drawings are the cartoon type and the last mentioned drawing is particularly active. The above pictures, expressing the finest art of the youth, are not below the level of the high aged.” – Djeu Yu Liang
My Dear Friend: Your drawing is careful, well designed and excellent in color. The result is caused by your good surroundings. I hope you will try hard and be a famous artist in the future.” – Kai Kwong Poo ‘Snow in New England’ is the picture I liked most. It expresses spirit and aliveness.” – King Doo Chien
‘Snow in New England’ drawn by a 12 year old boy; he enterprisingly used his pen, and with suitably selected colors, drew on a piece of paper, showing his daily living. It is a hard game to do this. He should be proud that the drawing is well designed and the lines are alive. The reason for this fine result is because of the wealth of surroundings he has and because he is taught by fine teachers. We wish to adjust our drawings too, but they could not compare with what our young friend did. Our drawings look like a sick boy, strengthless because of our poor surroundings. But we will not be failures, we will still strive hard always and wish to join hands with our young friends marching to the journey of arts.” – Chow Zeu Nien

In 1959, artwork from the Children’s Art Center was displayed at the Kaichon Festival of Art in South Korea, which was held to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the formation of the Republic of Korea.

Another exhibit and an exchange program was initiated between the Children’s Art Centre and two secondary schools in Accra, Ghana in 1961. African educators were impressed by the artwork and the outreach efforts of the Art Centre. The children’s paintings were described as “marvelous” and “exotic.” In 1979, an extensive exhibit was organized in India. The exhibit was entitled “Bubble Gum and Apple Pie,” to emphasize that the exhibit focused on American children’s art. This exhibit traveled to four cities over a period of four months. The following letters are from Lydia Steuzel who dealt with the collection when it traveled to Africa:

Lydia Steuzel first reaches out to Charlotte Dempsey about initiating an exchange program between the CAC and Ghanaian secondary schools: A second letter from Ms. Steuzel:

Ms. Steuzel writes again.